Paper Trading on TradingView: 3 Simple Steps

8 min readDec 10, 2020

I’m Markus Heitkoetter and I’ve been an active trader for over 20 years. I often see people who start trading and expect their accounts to explode, based on promises and hype they see in ads and e-mails. They start trading and realize it doesn’t work this way.

The purpose of these articles is to show you the trading strategies and tools that I personally use to trade my own account so that you can grow your own account systematically. Real money…real trades.

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If you are brand new to trading and haven’t yet used a paper trading simulator, you should.

Some people won’t use a paper trading simulator when they are first getting started because they don’t feel like it’s an accurate representation of the real markets.

They’re right to an extent. You’re not risking real money, so you’re not going to experience the emotions that come along with it just trading in a simulator.

Even with that said, I’m still a huge fan of trading simulators. Think about it, when pilots are training, before they are able to actually fly, they spend hours and hours on the ground training in a simulator.

Why Should I Paper Trade?

There are two main reasons I want to show you how to use TradingView paper trading as a stock market…




Markus is a self-made multi-millionaire who was born in Germany. He came to the US in 2002 with $30,000 in his pocket and a dream to become a successful trader.